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Frequently customers call in because they have bites from an unknown source and they fear its bedbugs.

Bedbugs have a characteristic of hiding in tight spaces making them difficult to find.

Some customers assume that bedbugs can’t be found, this leads to anxiety.

Even experienced pest controllers can miss one or two bedbugs. Experienced professional pest controllers inspected a treated apartment in New Jersey USA  and gave it the all clear.  But there were still bedbugs present.

So how do you know if bedbugs are still there?

Dr Hooper from the USA, an Entomologist and world authority on Bedbugs uses traps to monitor and catch bedbugs. Traps allow a positive identification that bedbugs are present. And secondly they stop the trapped bedbugs from biting the customers.

Dr Hoopers most recent trap is called the Volcano.

The volcano is named for its shape. It is small and black   and allows the bedbugs to walk up the side and then drop into the centre with no way of getting out.

Dr Hooper in conjunction with Rutgers University ( NJ USA) have developed a lure or attractant for the bedbugs. The lure goes inside the volcano trap and mimics the signals given off from a living host.  This draws the bedbugs to the volcano and encourages them to fall into the middle becoming trapped.

The combination of the volcano trap and lure is called the “erupting volcano”.

Dr Hooper says an area or dwelling is bedbug free when the traps do not catch any bedbugs for two weeks.

Is it bedbugs? Put out a volcano trap and catch one!

How do I know the treatment was successful? Use the volcano traps for two weeks without catching a bedbug. And you are bedbug FREE!