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Bed bug inspection- based on Science

Adapted from Dr Richard Coopers presentation in KL 2014- Pest Summit.

Dr Cooper is a scientist ( Entomology)  and considered the world authority on bedbugs. He has been instrumental in setting up and running bed bug central a resource for the NPMA (USA Pest Association).

Dr Cooper states that any pest controller advocating the control of bed bugs by sprays only is giving out poor advice.

He recommeneds that when dealing with a bed bug infestation, inspection is as important as the control (s). One without the other will be ineffective. Besides visual inspection there is also canine inspection. Traps are also a good way to identify bed bugs. Regardless of the method you use the following behaviour of the bed bug can make it difficult to give the ALL clear.


Key points are

(i) The majority of bed bugs are close to their host. This doesn’t mean exclusively beds. Other areas to be inspected are furniture such as sofas, chairs etc. If people are sleeping on the floor they can be under carpet edges, and cracks and crevice around lower skirtings’.


(ii) Over time the bed bugs can spread out and become less predictable. As the infestation takes hold, females can deposit their eggs in less conventional areas. These are more difficult to locate.


(iii) Feeding activity complicates the issue. Bed bugs do not feed every day, in fact may wait a week between meals. A week after treatment, can be when the residual effect of the treatment is less effective.  Eggs may take 7-10 days to hatch, making for the next wave of bedbugs. This habit may make post-treatment inspections a good idea.


(iv) Bed bugs wander between apartments. When treating multi levels apartments a management plan should be in place for the entire complex.


(v) In the absence of a host Bed bugs behaviour is unpredictable. Bed bugs behaviour in these circumstances is poorly understood. Sometimes they stay in-active waiting for the host to remain. They can hold out for weeks sometimes months. In apartment blocks they can wander off through under the front door and along to the next apartment.


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