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The German cockroach can be a challenge


So what makes these fellas hard to get rid of? Well it’s a number of things

(i) Nocturnal and they like to hide. Easy to miss one.

(ii) Quickly sexually mature. Around a month.

(iii) Produce 30-40 young at a time. Exponential increase in numbers


Let’s put that another way- unseen the german cockroaches will increase by 30-40  times every month. Given unlimited food and warm conditions it’s just a matter of time before the floor gives way under their weight.

 “You’re fighting a losing battle.”


Flicks young away

An interesting trait of the German Cockroach is female flicks her oothea ( sack of 30-40 young) away when she is stressed. So when you see that cockroach and fly spray it, yes she dies, but soon you have lots of little babies coming back. This is common observation from our customers.

“fly spray makes your situation worse.”


Small infestation ( less than six months)

A small infestation is mostly limited to a few areas in the house, such as the fridge motor. Numbers are low. Mostly the customer doesn’t see the cockroaches very often. DIY may work but unlikely.


Medium infestations ( around 6-12 months)

Customers know the cockroaches are there but have ignored them for a while.  While the numbers are not sky high they cockroaches are now in more than one warm area. Customers will see the cockroach at night. Poos can be seen in infected areas. The can be in multiple rooms. DIY almost certainly not going to work.


Large infestations ( around a year)

“When you pull the fridge back the floor moves”. Large infestations are where the numbers are so high the normal areas such fridge motors have run out of room. As a result cockroaches are kicked out and seek non-traditional harbourages.  Unlike  fridge motors which are warm these areas are normal temperature  such under carpets, around door hinges away from the kitchen, doorways and lower skirtings’ corners.

Cockroaches are seen during the day and come out in mass at night.

In the traditional areas the cockroach poos can cover surfaces and form a covering. Oothea are numerous and in some areas form thick coverings.

Typically at this level there needs to be a ready source of food. This maybe be oil from large container or food on the floor under stoves in a restaurant or domestic home with large family- food production is high and food is often left out.

DIY will not work. Professional services needed.