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WARNING: Medium to large German wasp nests can be FATAL.    Always call a professional pest control company for German wasp nests.




The Asian or Paper wasp was introduced to New Zealand as a biological control for white butterfly. While it is black and yellow its appearance is darker than the German wasp. It is less aggressive than the German wasp, but once angered it is more persistent. It will follow you much further away from the nest than a German wasp. It can sting many times and has a much more painful sting than the German wasp.  The queen of their nest is the biggest bully of a bunch of sisters. This sometimes changes from time to time. The Asian wasps sit either on the nest feeding the grubs or behind the nest. Sometimes in larger nests on rooflines they also sit underneath the roofing iron. German wasps in large nests can number in the tens of 1000s, whereas the Asian wasp nest rarely get more than 30 per nest.


What type of wasp do I have?


Question; can I see the nest? If you can see round shaped nest made of paper then it is the Asian Wasp.  If you cannot see the nest, but lots of wasps coming and going it’s more likely the German Wasp. The Asian wasp nest get as large as a grapefruit. They are commonly under rooflines above storm water gutterings. But they can also be on fence lines and other areas.



You can never have too much. Do you have a mask and eye wear protection? Gloves?  Are you covered up so wasps can’t sting you? Escape route? If it all goes wrong can I get away fast?


When to destroy an Asian Wasp nest?

All the wasp return to the nest in the early evening and are sitting on the nest or by the nest. Just before dark is the best time


What do I use to destroy the nest?

Permethrin is a fast acting neurotoxin that is NON toxic to humans.

DUST:  Permethrin dust at around 20g/kg is commonly used by pest control companies to destroy wasp nests.

SPRAY:  Permethrin is also effective in a spray formula too. Make sure your purchase the highest strength available.

PURCHASE: Google pest control DIY. Check with professional suppliers to see if they sell dusts to the public without a licence. If not see if they have any high strength Permethrin sprays they can sell you?



DO NOT use: petrol. This dangerous and a fire risk.




 Destroying the nest


Consider the points I have made so far.  The wasps are now sitting on the front AND back of the nest AND/OR behind the nest e.g. under roofline. You need to apply a coating of the chemical on to them all as quickly as possible.

If you do not succeed in getting a good coating on them or all of them, beat a hasty retreat. You can always come back tomorrow night for round two.

If you have successfully coated them all retreat to a safe distance and wait for the chemicals to work.

Give the chemicals 10 minutes to work and if all the wasps have been pest controlled knock the nest off, place it on the grass and stand on it. This will quickly kill the remaining larvae.