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Fleas.....pffft!   Most people think fleas are easy to treat, just buy a bomb from the hardware shop and " bobs your uncle"

Well that's the story we hear when they call ACES pest control EXECEPT  the fleas come back!!!!

Why? Well firstly yes the flea bombs kill fleas- no doubt! But there are three other parts of the lifecycle that the bombs don't work on. Namely the eggs, larvae and cocoon stages.

If their eggs and larvae are in the linen they will be killed by heat, namely a hot wash and a hot dry.

But the cocoons present a problem. They have a sticky exterior and take on the surrounding hairs and fibres. Rendering them invisible in the carpet! And they are water proof too! So even pest controllers chemicals won’t get to them? Cocoons take about two weeks to ripen and "hey presto!" you have fleas again!

You need to have more than a “flea bomb” or just an insecticide spray to successfully treat fleas.

ACES pest control has solutions for fleas that are effective and safe for humans.