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An inspection by Environmental Health officers at a McDonald's restaurant in Manurewa has found no vermin infestation, the Auckland Council says.

Ashwin Rangarajan posted a video to Facebook showing the mice running around the play area at the McDonald's restaurant.

He says the room was locked and his family watched the mice running around through the glass door.

"We only found out about it because my daughter wanted to play in there after we had our dinner," he told TV3's Paul Henry programme.

"There was no signs, no mention of it prior – I wasn't told about it until I asked about it personally."

Auckland Council staff have inspected food preparation areas and found no infestation, but have advised staff to take precautionary measures including cleaning underneath kitchen cooking areas and ensuring any gaps under doors or holes in the floor are sealed.

McDonald's Manurewa was last inspected in 2014 when it received an A hygiene grade. The council says this grade has not been changed.

The restaurant will be re-inspected next week.


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