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Coronavirus COVID19 treatments Auckland


corona virus covid19 auckland


COVID19  Corona Virus home and business treatments  Auckland

Coronavirus COVID19 treatment for homes and businesses in Auckland. ACES pest control is pleased to offer a treatment that can eliminate Covid19 from your home and or business.

  1. Hotels and Motels with coronavirus  that need rooms and common areas treated
  2. Offices with coronavirus  that need their work place and common areas treated
  3. Schools with coronavirus that need classrooms and common areas treated

We can get to you the same day! We will work at a time suitable to you when there are no staff and customers.

We use a product that has an active  approved by the World Health Organization ( WHO). The active in the spray kills Covid19 in your home or business with just two minutes of exposure to the virus.

The spray is extremely low toxicity to mammals ( humans and their pets)

We use an Battery powered back pack sprayer to create a fine mist that lands on all surfaces needing to be treated. We focus on areas where people will touch.

Electronics such as computer and keyboards are considered personal areas and are not treated. We ask that personal items such as these are treated with your own sanitizer.

The product also has essential lavender oil in it and leaves a mild pleasant fragrance.

A three hour stand down period is required.

All contact with you and or your business ACES pest control will be wearing PPE, including a face sealing mask with an organic filter, eye protection and gloves.

Please contact us for the white paper on this active published by WHO on its effectiveness on  Covid19 .





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