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ACES pest control get calls for spiders in spring. It's around this time that the spiders produce webs, making a mess of customers’ houses.

Spiders in New Zealand are non-venomous, unlike the spiders in Australia which can be extremely lethal e.g. Sydney funnel web spider.

The white tail is a wandering spider that predates spiders in webs. So if you have lots of spiders and webs you will have white tails too.

white tails are confident and back themselves. if they are in your gardening gloves or motorcycle boot when you decide to out it on, please expect a bite! they go down with a fight!

White tails are NON venomous but they have dirty fangs- bacteria - this can lead to their bites being infected. The resultant infection can be very painful and require a visit to your GP.

ACES pest control offers treatments for spiders