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Massive spider claims six seats for itself on busy Melbourne train

It is not yet known if the spider has disembarked from the train.


...travelled in style on a busy Melbourne train on Friday morning, claiming enough space to stretch out across six seats.

The spider successfully annexed a set of four seats on the Australian city's crowded peak-hour service, as well as two seats in the row behind that it might have been eyeing off for the extra legroom.


....decided it was better to stand in the aisle rather than risk the wrath of the spider.

One commuter, who wished to remain anonymous, bravely took a photo of the scene.

The spider is understood to be on the seat by the window in the above photo, but the photographer did not want to venture any closer.

A Metro Trains spokesperson said spider sightings on Melbourne trains were a rare occurrence.

However, they conceded they are called in to assist arachnophobic passengers more often than they used to be because people do not tend to have a newspaper handy during the morning commute these days.

The exact size and species of the spider has not been established. The photographer said the spider had crawled onto the floor by the time he took the shot and he did not want to take a photo under the seats.

It is not yet known if the spider has disembarked from the train.


From The Age