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Most kiwis are DIYers!  Wasps inject a toxin. It takes about a 1000 stings to kill an adult human.  The majority of the nests ACES destroys have more than a 1000 wasps! DIY wasps can be fatal!!!

There are two types of Wasps in New Zealand. Here's a basic rule, if you can see the nest, it's the Paper Wasp, if you can't  then it's the German Wasp.

Both wasps sting and unlike Bees can sting more than once.

(i) The German Wasp. They like to build their nests in the ground, inside attic spaces, under houses, inside walls and inside palm trees frond bases  to name a few.  Basically you will see a point from where many wasps are coming and going. These guys are very aggressive around their nest. They can number in their 1000-10 000s in one nest.

(ii) The Paper wasp. These guys like to build their nest typically around the edges of roof lines. Either under them or under the roof line above the storm water guttering. Their nests only get to size of a grapefruit their numbers rarely over 100. When angered these guys are tenacious will follow you away from their nest. Their sting is reported as much more painful than a German wasps. Described as like feeling as acid in inside your skin.

NOT recommended to destroy nests- petrol. Lets not start fires!  Water-doesnt kill the queen or nest, may just  force the nest to move- perhaps somewhere worse! Tape! If you tape up their entrance they will find another way in and out!