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A tourist in Marlborough made an early call to 111 after finding a swarm of wasps in his campervan.

Picton volunteer firefighters were called to the Picton Top Ten Holiday Park about 5am on Friday.

Firefighter Darren Neilson said the man noticed the swarm of wasps in the campervan's toilet and called emergency services.

He taped the door shut with insulation tape to keep them from his wife and daughter, who slept through the entire incident, Neilson said.

Although he called emergency services, he had not expected a fire truck to turn up, Neilson said.


"Why you'd ring 111, I don't know. But because he called the emergency call centre, they had to respond."


Neilson was unsure if any of the family members were allergic to wasps, but nobody had been stung, he said.

Firefighters opened the toilet door and used fly spray to kill about 25 wasps.

"He asked us to turn the truck off so we didn't wake anyone up."

The man should not have called 111 first, he said.


"He should have gotten hold of the camp ground instead of dialling 111. He just didn't know where to get fly spray at that time of night."


Picton chief fire officer Wayne Wytenburg said people sometimes got confused about what warranted an emergency call, which could be annoying for volunteer firefighters if the call came early in the morning.

"But we're here to help out the public, so we still do it," Wytenburg said.

About 20 firefighters arrived at the station when the siren sounded at 5am, he said.

A Top 10 Holiday Park staff member said she knew nothing of the incident until they checked the security camera footage that morning to see a fire truck drive through the holiday park.


 - The Marlborough Express